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Who Wants Some..... January Cash?????

Cash tickets on sale at the library for $20.00
Daily draw each day in January for $25 - $1000
Winning tickets returned to the draw.
Tickets on sale until December 23rd at the library.

December Raffle
Tickets $2.00 each

1st Prize - Rocking Chair
2nd Prize - Painting
3rd Prize - Christmas Placemats

Draw Date Dec 22nd at 9:30 AM

Support the Library Reno/Expansion

Magazine Fundraiser

Do You Get Magazines subscriptions delivered to your mail box?

Why Not Support the library fundraiser to purchase a new and improved magazine display wall!

Purchase your magazine subscriptions online or in person at the library.

A portion of all the magazine sales goes to the library.
Save up to 86% off Newsstand Prices

The Canadian Accessible Library System

Available through the library now

Ask your librarian for more information




The new library plans are now on display at the library!
Check out the latest on the Library Expansion/Renovation at Facebook

Take Our Online Survey and Tell Us What You Think

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Fill in our online survey.

Your feedback is very important to us. It will help us to identify areas where we can improve services and better understand the needs in our community.


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