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Summer Cash Winners
August 1 ($500) - Trudy Svoboda
August 2 ($25) - Melissa Cole
August 3 ($25) - Melissa Cole
August 4 ($50) - Pat Lambert
August 5 ($100) - Sandy McKnight
August 6 ($25) - Mary McGill
August 7 ($1000) - Blair St. Germaine
August 8 ($25) - Lynsey Hannah
August 9 ($25) - Colleen Hodgson
August 10 ($25) - Bernice Tennis
August 11 ($50) - Peter Dyck
August 12 ($100) - Marie MacLean
August 13 ($25) - Joan Johnston
August 14 ($25) - Cliff Holliston
August 15 ($25) - Marjory Deschenes
August 16 ($25) - Terra Huston
August 17 ($25) - Pat Kroeker
August 18 ($50) - Earl Hjelte
August 19 ($100) - Kelly August

Thank you for supporting the BRL Expansion/Renovation Fundraiser. Winners will be posted each day in the Library and on the Library website.

Summer Raffle

Garden Décor

Donated by WWW

Tickets $2.00 each

Draw Date

August 18th at 9:30 AM
Winner: Evelyn Witt

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It's not too late!!!
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2017 Summer Reading Program


Free Memberships for All School Age Kids in Elm Creek, Roland and the Municipalities
Of Grey AND Roland
June 27th – Sept 2nd

Receive one ballot for each book you take out of the library from
June 27th thru August 26th
18 Grand Prize Basket Draws on
August 29th at 9:30 AM at the library

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