#1 Pinot Gallery
Jodi Winkler
Dustin Winkler
Laurhys Bergen
John Bergen
#10 Improves With Age
Sandra Takvam
Kelly August
Tanya Mitchell
Anita Cohoe 
#18 4 Girls Crave Wine
Victoria Froebe
Jodi Winkler
Sandra Goff
Caddie Crampton 
#2 Chamber of Commerce
Jodi Winkler
Marni Harrison
Scott Johnson
Kelly Dyck
#11 The Winkertons
Jodi Winkler
Dustin Winkler
Caddie Crampton
Patrick Crampton
#19 Rosé All Day
Terry Maxwell
Helen Stewart
Marie Robinson
Joyce Keating 
#1 Newman Hand
Rob Bryson
Rob Bryson
Rob Bryson
Rob Bryson
#12 Team Italy
Marie MacLean
Kraig MacLean
Ed Tkachyk
Jo-Ann Tkachyk 
#20 Read Between the Vines
Jolene Bouwman
Harwin Bouwman
Tera Kamminga
Tyson Kamminga 
#2 Newman Hand
Barb Tkachyk
Andrea Picton
Kelli Wiebe
Brenda O’Brien 
#13 Team Merlot
Marci Mutcher
Taylor Nicolajsen
Laurie McGillvary
Sam Froese 
#21 Carman Pharmacy
Wendy Clark
Holly Watts
Shery Reimer WINNER
Chantale Wilson 
#3 Newman Hand
Jane Swanton
Rob Bryson
Lacey Spencer
Mona Fallis 
#14 Grape Expectations
Allison Abbott-Wiebe
Erica Wiebe
Elaine Armstrong-Ferris WINNER
Kate Steppler 
#22 Ed’s Tire
Konrad & Joanna VanDasselaar
Konrad & Joanna VanDasselaar
Konrad & Joanna VanDasselaar
Konrad & Joanna VanDasselaar
#6 Homewood Hummers
Faye Peckover
Jacquie Downs
Rose Ediger
Norma Peckover 
#15 THDK
Aaron Snidal
Lorelei Buisson
Kasey Reimer WINNER
Val Tournier 
#23 LCL #1
Shirley Morris
Wesley Labossiere
Shane VanderVegte
Darren Bergen 
#7 It’s Wine Time
Debbie Finney
Laureen Kippen
Shannon Klassen
Kori De Costa 

#16 Beautiful Smiles
Shayla Bessette
Danielle White
Olga Hartmann
Teneil Sailer 
#24 LCL #2
Maggie Sandulak
Harry van Dijk
Lee Sandulak
Johnny Sandulak 
#8 Days of Wine & Prose
Dorothy Strachan
Neil Strachan
Gustine Wilton
Dennis Wilton 
#17 Pinot Grigiyeo
Chad Yeo
Tami Yeo
Sara Hebel
Nathan Yeo 
#25 A-Team
Joanna Pritchard
Susie Stewart
Joelle McCullough
Rob Kuizenga 
#9 2BHB
Bill August
Brent Cohoe
Bob Mitchell
Harvey Takvam 

#1 Lodder/Beukema
Cor Lodder
Janine Lodder
Robin Beukema
Ray Beukema

#10 We Need Glasses
Marilyn Aubin
Margie Fey
Frank Toews
Jack Keating
#18 Uncorked
Janette Visscher
Marsha Bultena
Nicole Veldman
Yolande Dewitt
# 2 Denny's Babes
Dennis Smith
Marilyn Smith
Tracey McIntosh
Kathie Atkins
#11 Sip Happens
Susan Mooney
Tom Mooney
Barb Stevens
Ken Stevens
#19 Grigio Goddesses
Laura Visscher
Jaclyn Kooiker
Petra Bergsma
Dawn Van Veen

#3 Mark & the Shufflers
Mark Summers
Shirley Summers
Marg Holliston
Shirley Farr

 #12 Wine Not??
Kathie Findlay
Joan Johnson
Elaine Jefkins
Bob Abrams
#20 Reading Between the Wines
Karin Nicolajsen
Taylor Nicolajsen
Gabrielle Nielsen
Lisa Dales
#4 Well Read
Henry Breukleman
Betty Breukleman
Ron Vanderzwaag
Debbie Vanderzwagg
#13 Zin It To Win It
Pat Heritage
Sheri Ewert
Brian Wood
Marilyn Gitzel
#21 On Cloud Wine
Dorothy Strachan
Morgan Strachan
Bob Kowalchuk
Yolande Gautron

#5 Sweet Grapes
Julie Douma
Alison Versteeg
Heather Veldman
Pat Veldman
#14 Cork It (CIBC)
Catherine MacLam
Shawna Pritchard
April Hutton
Marni Harrison

#22 Through the Grapevine (BSI)
Chris Doerksen
Tracy Enns
Lee Braden
Faye Harms
#6 Pour Choices
Hayley Minty
Erin Lemky
Leslie Pethybridge
Doralee Easter

#15 I've Got You Malbec
Barry Gosnell
Terry Gosnell
Jim McGregor
Judy McGregor
#23 Agassiz Seed Farms
Murray Froebe
Victoria Froebe
Jeanie VanWorkum
Cathy Tralenberg
#7 MMJS #1
Kim Harris
Anita Collins
Scott Johnston
Erin Friesen

#16 Sisters Plus One
Karen Funke
Marilyn Clearwater
Willa Keith WINNER
Bertie Gray
#24 The Diva's 
Mona Brown
Linda MacNair
Chris Larsen
Shawna McCarthney
#8 The Grape Escape
Alice Miller
Marge Dueck
Ann Laing WINNER
Barb Lepp

 #17 Moms Night Out
Marilyn VanAssen
Jessy Boeve
Cara Veldman
Maria Boeve
#25 Dunn
Carman Fotheringham
Gladys Dunn
Erin Dunn
#9 Bubbly Personalities
Teresa Vanderpol
Ken Vanderpol
Ryan Breukelman
Jessica Breukelman

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