Christmas Raffle
2 Prizes of Children's Toy Baskets 
Tickets $5.00 each
Draw December 13th @9:30 AM
All proceed go to the Library Reno/Expansion of the Children's Area

Reno Update! We are excited to announce that we are down to the fundraising for the final Phase "The Children's Area"

If you have considered donating, but were waiting to see the project underway, now is the time.

Donations can be dropped off at the town office or the library. They also can be e-transferred to brlrenovationexpansion@gmail.com. Cheques are payable to the Town of Carman.

Help support Carman’s beautiful centrepiece!

Library Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 8:30 - 8:00

Wednesday - 8:30  -5:00

Thursday - 8:30 - 8:00

Friday - 8:30  - 5:00

Saturday - 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday - Closed

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We encourage you to fill out the survey below annually so that we can better serve you. The survey is available in both English and French. Let us know if you have any questions.information.


The Canadian Accessible Library System

Available through the library now

Wine Survivor is Full!
Who Will Survive?
December 6th Winner is:
Val Mowez

See Below for Full Details
TEAM # 1
Viva la Vino
Jeanne Karlenzig
Stacey O'Connor
Susan Brisson
Carlene Reimer
TEAM #14
Team Da Mowen
Dale Owen
Carlos Da Silva
Val Mowez
Pat Owen 
TEAM # 2
Liquior Ladies + 1
Susie Stewart
Joanna Pritchard
Joelle McCullough
Rob Kuizenga 
 TEAM # 15
Oldies But Goodies
Ed Tkachyk
JoAnn Tkachyk
Kraig MacLean
Marie MacLean
Ho-Ho-Ho's n'Bros
Jodi Winkler
Dustin Winkler
Laurhys Bergen
John Bergen 
 TEAM #16 
Sip Happens
Susan Mooney
Tom Mooney
Barb Stevens
Ken Stevens
 TEAM #4
Jodi Winkler
Dustin Winkler
Caddie Crampton
Patrick Crampton
TEAM #17
The Town Girls
Rachel Hiebert
Sheena Nakonechny
Tracy Owen
Dorothy Hiebert 
Wine Not?
Terry Maxwell
Helen Stewart
Marie Robinson
Joyce Keating
 TEAM #18
LacLu Loungers
Rita Terrick
Ken Terrick
Susan Sawka
Perry Sawka
TEAM #6 
Sisters Plus One
Karen Funke
Marilyn Clearwater
Willa Keith
Bertie Gray
TEAM #19
Last Stem Standing
Carly Boklaschuk
Victoria Froebe
Stacy O'Connor
Elaine Wishart 
TEAM #7 
Wino United D.C.
Brian Wood
Rene Cantos
Sheri Ewert
Marilyn Gitzel
TEAM #20 
The Lucky Ones
Marg Holliston
Shirley Farr
Shirley Summers
Marlene Rose 
TEAM #8 
Grape Expectations
Allison Abbott-Wiebe
Elaine Armstong-Ferris
Erica Wiebe
Katie Steppler
TEAM #21
The McGhees
Barry Gosnell
Terry Gosnell
Judy McGregor
Jim McGregor 
 TEAM #9
Cork It
Jessica Knaggs
Megan Vanderveen
Kirsten Nicolajsen
Lindsay Hetherington
 TEAM #22
Bordeaux Bandits
James Bergsma
Melissa Bergsma
Eric Bergsma
Lisa Bergsma
 TEAM #10
Movers + Shakers
Elaine Ganske
Betty Park
Lal Froebe
Hetty Vanderput
 TEAM #23
Heidi Russell
Amanda Rheault
Caroline Boeve
Jamie Friesen
 TEAM #11
Moscato Mamas
Nadine Skelton
Sandra Friesen
Heather McGill
Marilyn Aubin
 TEAM #24
Reen's Rowdy's
Kori da Costa
Laureen Kippen
Trish Takvam
Shannon Klassen
TEAM #12 
On Cloud Vine
Carrie Last
Crystal Morten
Robyn Bruneau
Kay Leigh Dewitt
TEAM #25 
Constant Winers
Lori Keith
Cheyenne Keith
Stephanie Keith
Karine Mort 
TEAM #13 
St. Daniel Grapes
Norm Philippe
Pat Philippe
Darlene Funke
Larry Funke

All team members names will be entered into a draw. Ten names will be drawn each week day Tuesday through Friday beginning Thurs Dec 5th until Thurs Dec 19th (or until at least ten names remain). Each day the first 9 names drawn will be eliminated and the 10th name drawn will receive 8 bottles of wine to share with his/her teammates and that ticket will be reentered in the final draw on Dec 20th! (Note: No draws will be made on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.)
On Dec 20th the final draws will be made with one person at a time being eliminated until ONE SURVIVOR is left and he/she will win the remaining bottles of wine (up to 28) to share with his/her teammates!!
The Wine Survivor Game is a fund-raising event for the Boyne Regional Library renovation/expansion project. Raffle license:  Town of Carman 29/19

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