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Baby Driver
Baby Einstein - Baby Monet 
Baby Einstein - Baby Noah
Baby Einstein - Baby's First Moves
Baby Einstein - Neighborhood Animals
Baby Einstein - On the Go
Baby Road Trip
Baby Story - First-Time Parents Edition
Back-up Plan
Backyardigans - Cave Party
Backyardigans - Escape From the Tower
Backyardigans - Into the Deep
Bad Boys & Bad Boys 2
Bad Karma
Bad Lieutenant
Bad Teacher 
Bad Words
Bakugan - Volume 1 
Bakugan - Volume 2
Ballad of Jack and Rose
Ballet Shoes
Balto 2 
Balto 3
Banger Sisters
Bangkok Dangerous
Bank Job 
Barbie - A Christmas Carol
Barbie - A Fairy Secret
Barbie - A Mermaid Tale
Barbie - Fairytopia
Barbie - Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends
Barbie - Mariposa & the Fairy Princess
Barbie - Princess Charm School
Barbie - Sing Along with Barbie
Barbie - The Nutcracker
Barbie - The Pink Shoes
Barbie - The Secret Door
Barbie & Her Sisters - A Pony Tale
Barbie & Her Sisters - Great Puppy Adventure
Barney's Version
Batman - The Brave and the Bold (animated)
Batman 1
Batman 2 - Batman Returns
Batman 3 - Batman Forever
Batman 4 - Batman and Robin
Batman 5 - Batman Begins
Batman 6 - The Dark Knight
Batman 7 - The Dark Knight Rises
Battle Los Angeles
Battle of the Sexes
Battlestar Galactica - Razor
Beatriz at Dinner
Beasts of  the Southern Wild
Beautiful Boy 
Beautiful Country
Beautiful Dreamer
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas
Because of Winn-Dixie
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Bedtime Stories
Bee Movie
Beer for My Horses
Beer League
Beethoven's Big Break
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure 
Before I Go to Sleep
Behind the Candelabra 
Behind The Mask
Behind the Waterfall
Believe in Me
Belle for Christmas
Bellflower Bunnies 
Berenstain Bears - Kindness, Caring & Sharing
Berenstain Bears - Spooky Stories
Berenstain Bears - Springtime Surprises
Berkeley Square - Complete Series
Best of Bob the Builder
Best Man Holiday
Best of Mr. Bean
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
Best of Me
Better Life 
Beverly Hillbillies - Season 1
Beverly Hillbillies - Season 2
Beverly Hillbillies - Season 3
Beverly Hillbillies - 20 Episodes
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3
Beverly Hills Christmas
Beverly Hills Cop 1-3
Beyond the Beach
Bible Stories 
Big and Hairy
Big Fish
Big Game
Big Hero 6
Big Little Lies
Big Miracle 
Big Sick
Big Valley
Big Year 
Bigfoot - The Ultimate Monster Truck Collection
Biggest Loser - Cardio Max
Biggest Loser - Power Sculpt
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Billy Elliot
Billy Madison
Birdman (Blu-ray only)
Bite the Bullet
Black Beauty
Black or White
Black Swan
Blade Runner 2049
Blazing  Saddles
Bleak House
Blind Side
Blood Diamond 
Blue Elephant
Blue Jasmine
Blue Planet
Blue's Clue's
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder - A Christmas to Remember
Bob the Builder - Bob Saves the Day!
Bob the Builder - Build it and They will Come 
Bob the Builder - Building Bobland Bay
Bob the Builder - Building Bobland Bay 
Bob the Builder - Building Friendships
Bob the Builder - Dizzy's Favorite Adventures
Bob the Builder - Getting the Job Done!
Bob the Builder - Heavy Duty Diggers
Bob the Builder - Help is on the Way!
Bob the Builder - Mega Machines the Movie
Bob the Builder - Muck's Favorite Adventures
Bob the Builder - New to the Crew.
Bob the Builder - On Site Roads & Bridges 
Bob the Builder - Scoops Favorite Adventures
Bob the Builder - Snowed Under
Bob the Builder - Teamwork
Bob the Builder - The Live Show
Bob the Builder - The Three Musketrucks
Bob the Builder - When Bob Became a Builder
Bob the Builder - Bob's White Christmas
Bob the Builder - X-treme Adventures 
Body of Lies
Bodyguard 1
Bodyguard 2
Bonanza - Best Of
Bonanza - Bitter Water & Clay Feet
Bonanza - Down at the Ranch
Bonanza - Escape to Ponderosa, Badge without Honor
Bonanza - Sunday Night Favorites
Bonanza - The Spitfire, Dark Star, The Spanish Grant, The Fear Merchants
Bonanza - The Stranger, Badge without Honor, Blood on the Land, The Gunmen
Bones - Season 1
Bones - Season 2
Bones - Season 3
Bones - Season 4
Bones - Season 5
Book of Eli
Book of Life
Book of Negroes
Book Thief
Boot Camp
Born on the Fourth of July 
Bound by a Secret
Bounty Hunter
Bourne Identity 1
Bourne Legacy 4
Bourne Supremacy 2
Bourne Ultimatum 3
Boy A
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Boy Next Door
Brad's Status
Brady Bunch - Season 1
Brady Bunch - Season 2
Brady Bunch - Season 3
Breadwinner, the
Breakfast Club
Breaking Free
Brick Mansions
Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge too Far
Bridges of Madison County
Brighton Rock
Bringing Down the house 
Brokeback Mountain
Broken Bridges
Broken City
Broken Trail
Brooklyn's Finest
Brothers Grimm
Bucket List
Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers
Bug's Life
Bulletproof Monk
Burke & Hare
Burn After Reading
Burning Plain
Business of Being Born
Butter Cream Gang
Butterfly Effect