New Non-Fiction

Redemption - Anne Mahon 
Original Highways - Roy MacGregor
The Last Girl - Nadia Murad
The Great Halifax Explosion - John Bacon
The Art of Flourishing - Jeffrey Rubin
Uncommon Type - Tom Hanks
The Wisdom of Sundays - Oprah Winfrey
Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father - Murray Howe
What Happened - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Capital Gaines - Chip Gaines
Charlie Red Star - Grant Cameron
Against All Odds - P. J. Naworynski
The Woulda Coulda Shoulda Guide to Canadian Inventions - Red Green
Endurance - Scott Kelly
Mad City - Michael Arntfield
A History of Canada in Ten Maps - Adam Shoalts
Ageless Soul - Thomas Moore
Admissions - Henry Marsh
The Long Way Home - John DeMont
Dear World - Bana Alabed
Into the Gray Zone - Adrian Owen
No is not Enough - Naomi Klein
Guinness World Recods 2018
Blood Lines - Melissa Del Bosque
Ranger Games - Ben Blum
A Bold and Dangerous Family - Caroline Moorehead
The Four Tendencies - Gretchen Rubin
Teacher's Pet - Hayley McGregor
It Takes Two (Our Story) - Jonathan Scott
Growing Up on the Farm - Crawford Jenkins
Ikeahackers.Net- Jules Yap
Run Hide Repeat- Pauline Dakin
At the Stranger's Gate - Adam Gopnik
Drone Warrior - Brett Velicovich
What Color is your Parachute
To Siri With Love - Judith Newman
Missing Mother - Barbara Bracht Donsky
Deep End of the Pool Workouts - Melisenda Edwards
Sustainable Home Design - Chris Magwood
Sons and Soldiers - Bruce Henderson
Emoji Crochet - Charles Voth
Infant Massage- Vimala McClure


The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering- Dina Rodriguez
25 Places in Canada Every Family
25 Places in Canada Every Family
Should Visit - Jody Robbins
Staying Connected To Your Teenager- Michael Riera
Hello Origami- Mizutama
Even Stones Have Life- Lucy Jarvis 
Wolf Nation - Brenda Peterson
Real Life Organizing - Cassandra Aarssen1-2-3 Magic For Kids - Thomas W. Phelan
Dirt is Good - Jack Gilbert
The Spirit of Canada - Chicken Soup for the Soul
A Quiet Roar - Heidi Redl
150 Years of Stats Canada! - Stats Canada
Dynamic Aging - Katy Bowman
The Book of Tapping - Sophie Merle
Build it Yourself - Frank Perrone
Crazy-stressed - Dr.Michael Bradley
Advanced Origami - Michael LaFosse
Backyard Bugs - Jaret Daniels
When Your Child has Food Allergies - Mireille Schwartz
Simple & Stylish Woodworking - Scott Francis
Childhood Vaccinations - Lauren Feder
Now You Know Canada - Doug Lennox
Salvage Style - Leslie Linsley
Down Inside - Robert Clark
Veranda Entertaining - Clinton Smith
My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward - Mark Lukach
Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away - Ben Utecht
Wood Floors - Black and Decker
Garages - Black and Decker
The Art of D'scard'ng - Nagisa Tatsumi
A Dog Called Hope - Jason Morgan
Stone Building - Kevin Gardner
Mac Basics - Drew Provan
The Monarch - Kylee Baumle
Sleep Smarter - Shawn Stevenson
The Colour of Canada - Roy MacGregor
Emily Post`s Etiquette - Lizzie Post
Deep Work - Cal Newport