Using iPod for Audiobooks

You can use your iPod to enjoy audiobooks from your library. You'll need OverDrive Media Console (OMC) installed on a Mac or PC to transfer MP3 or WMA audio files to your device.


Install and authorize required software

1. You must install the desktop version of OverDrive Media Console (OMC) software on your computer before you can listen to Audiobooks. This software is available at:


Choose the version for PC or Mac.


2. Open Overdrive Media Console. You may need to upgrade the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade to allow for DRM files to be played on your computer.  If so, click on the Tools menu and select Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. Follow the steps to install the upgrade.


Searching and downloading eAudiobooks

1. Go to the BRL Overdrive site:


2. Login by entering your library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number).


3. You can  search for titles by entering title/keywords in the Overdrive Search Bar.

You can browse for audiobooks using the browsing menu on the left side of the screen. Audiobook titles will appear with format indicators (WMA or MP3).


4. When you have found a title you want, select “Add to Cart”. If the title is already checked out, you may request it by selecting “Place a Hold”.


5. From your cart, click on “Proceed to Checkout”.


6. You may now download the title by clicking the “Download” button under the item. Choose the option to open the .odm file with Overdrive Media Console. OMC will

automatically open, bringing up a “Get Media” window which details where the book will be stored on your computer. Click OK. A screen will display the different parts of the book awaiting download. Click OK again. The separate book parts will be downloaded to your computer.


7. Once downloaded, use OMC to play, transfer, or burn the audiobook (if available).



Transferring eAudiobooks to an iPod

1. Connect the device to your computer with a USB cable.


2. pen OMC and select the audiobook you wish to transfer. Click the “Transfer” button at the top of the screen to start the Transfer . Select the parts of the book you wish to transfer and click Next.


*Note:  your  iPod  must  be  set  to  “Manually Manage Music” in iTunes for transfers to work.


3. On a PC, click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the bottom of the screen before detaching your reader. On a MAC, unmount/eject the reader.


Audiobooks can be downloaded for 7, 14 or 21 days.

Audiobooks cannot be renewed.

Not all WMA audio titles are available to transfer to an iPod due to publisher agreements. A Windows computer is required to transfer WMA titles.