Using the Sony WiFi PRS-T1 eReader for eBooks

The Sony WiFi PRS-T1 reader allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly and download ebooks directly to your device. Follow these steps to access ebooks using your device.


Locate and Add Boyne Regional Library

1. Ensure you have a wireless connection through the Settings options on your Sony Reader.


2. Press the Home button to open the Home Screen.


3. Create an account by tapping “Reader Store” and then “Create Account”. This registers your device and creates an Adobe ID.  You will need

an email address to register.


4. Press the Home button then tap the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


5. Tap “Public Library”, then “Find a Library”.


6. Search for Boyne Regional Library and tap the library name to visit the download site.


Bookmark the page by using the heart button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


7. Login by entering your library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number).


*Note: When using a PC to transfer ebooks to the Sony Reader PRS-T1 WiFi, you must use Sony Reader Library software. For other models you can use Adobe Digital Editions. Visit and follow the online steps. You will be prompted to create a Sony Store ID and to register your device.


eBooks can be downloaded for 7, 14 or 21 days ePUB and PDF ebooks are supported on the Sony Reader

eBooks can be returned early

eBooks cannot be renewed


Search the Catalogue

Use the browse or search buttons on the top of the screen to locate your favourite titles or books by specific authors. In Advanced Search, choose “Adobe EPUB ebook” or “Adobe PDF ebook” in the format drop-down menu and whatever genre appeals to you. Check the box to “Only show titles with copies available”.


Check Out and Download

1. When you have found a title you want, select “Add to Cart”. If the title is not available, you may request it by selecting “Place a Hold”. An email will be sent to your email address when the book is available for you to check out.


2. From your cart, select “Proceed to Checkout”.  Choose the lending period using the drop-down menu and checkout by selecting “Confirm check out”.


3. You can now download the title by touching the “Download” button under the item.  Once the download is complete it will be added to your book listing for you.


The ebook will automatically expire at the end of the lending period and does not have to be returned manually. You will not acquire late fees with ebooks.


Returning eBooks early

Using Wireless:

1. Touch “Books” to get a complete listing of titles on your reader.


2. Touch and hold your finger on the book you want to return early. A menu of options will appear.


3. Select “Return Book” and confirm that you want to return the title.


Using a PC:

1. In the Reader Library software, click on “My Library” and then “Books”. Click on the book cover.


2. Across the bottom of the screen, a set of options will activate – one of these is “More Options”.


3. Click “More Options”. Select “Return Borrowed Book”. The ebook will be removed from your account.